Why our services

Binding tradition

KV KONTO has been active on the Czech market for nearly 20 years. This long and overall very positive history brings clients’ trust and also makes it easier for us to deal with the tax offices in the Karlovy Vary region.

Individual approach

We deal with each customer on individual basis in order to be able to fully respect their specific circumstances. Based on your specifications, we propose different possible solutions and we consult with you their possible different tax and legal impact, trying to maximize the effectiveness of your enterprise while leveraging the cost.

Team of experienced experts

We are a stable team of experienced accountants and tax experts with international experience, who speak fluent Russian and English.

Our experts continually follow the newest trends in tax and accounting legislation and study their impact on real business.

Among our clients are both physical persons and legal bodies from both commercial and non-profit areas. During our long existence on the Czech market, we have dealt with practically all business areas so we dare to conclude that we are ready to deal with any situation.

Our services are not limited to accountancy. We typically provide tax advisory services, cooperate with external law office and auditors. Any problem we can therefore judge with wider implications to your business.

Choose outsourcing of your accounting services

Among the common advantages of outsourcing – in other words provisioning some services via external company – is lowering of cost. Using services of an external provider will remove the necessity of buying expensive accounting software, managing staff, dealing with problems in case of illness of staff, training of personnel etc.

Using independent experts will lead to improvements in quality and effectiveness. (You don’t need to deal with liability).

It will give you more time to focus on the core of your business.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outsourcing - more information on outsourcing.