Our team

Ing. Lidmila Pašková

Company statutory representative. Has been with KV KONTO since its beginning and has over 40 years of experience in accounting. Has a degree from the University of Economics in Prague. Her main area of expertise is accounting and income tax of physical persons and legal bodies.

Ing. Kateřina Pašková

Company statutory representative – at the moment on maternity leave. From 2001 to 2006 worked as a manager in logistics, between 2006 and 2009 as a manager of planning and development with focus on cost analysis, financial reporting and budgeting. Has a degree from the University of Economics in Prague, specializing in international trade, is fluent in English.

Ing. Jan Pašek

ax advisor, from 2003 company statutory representative (ev.n. 3776). In the past worked as a tax consultant and advisor in Deloitte and one of the largest Czech law offices - Kocián, Šolc, Balaštík (KŠB). Has a degree from the University of Economics in Prague, specializing in finances, taxes and accounting, is fluent in English. His main area of expertise are taxes.

Company statutory representative. In 2002-2006 worked as a financial consultant, from 2006 to 2009 as a statutory representative of a Czech-Russian investment company in the Russian federation. Speaks English and Russian.

Is among the employees with the most seniority in the company (has been with KV KONTO since 1997). Specializes in accounting.

Hedvika Dvořáková

Human resources, payroll and tax administration (previously single-entry accounting) specialist. In KV KONTO since 2003.

Marcela Antošová
Hana Tomsová
Martina Kertész
Ing. Martina Lagarde (Klouzalová)
Monika Schreinerová
Jitka Zůzová
Ivana Kupečková
Lucie Roušalová
Krista Šutoriková

Why choose us

Binding tradition

Binding tradition

KV KONTO has been active on the Czech market since the early 1990s.

Individual approach

Individual approach

We deal with each customer on individual basis in order to be able to fully respect their specific circumstances.

Team of experienced experts

Team of experienced experts

We are a stable team of experienced accountants and tax experts with international experience.