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Price list

We deal with each customer on individual basis and therefore prices are also set individually. For basic orientation, see the table below.

Non-binding price estimate:

Accountant 400 – 450 CZK/hour
Main accountant 700 CZK/hour
Tax advisor 900 – 1.500 CZK/hour
Financial analysis and documents preparation for banks 700 – 1.200 CZK/hour
Tax administration starting from 1.000 CZK/month
Cost for one-off tax administration and tax return of physical person income tax, including reports for social security office and health insurance company starting from 2.000 CZK/yr
Managing accounting agenda starting from 1.500 CZK/month
Cost for one-off accounting administration and tax return of legal body income tax (for companies with limited business agenda) starting from 5.000 CZK/yr

For repetitive tasks, we establish the price after mutual agreement with a monthly fixed payment. Should the extent of your business activities change (and have effect on the amount of your accounting agenda), it is possible to revise the price.

The monthly fee typically covers:

  • Complex accounting services
  • HR agenda and payroll
  • Accounting consultancy
  • Accounting administration
  • Tax returns, reporting
  • Tax consultancy (common extent)
  • Dealing with your tax administrator (common extent)

In case of provision of services based on specific customer requirement or of one-off services (representing the client in administrative meetings with tax administrator, specific tax consultancy of a larger extent etc.), we establish the price based on fixed, in advance agreed hourly rates and on time and material basis.

This approach allows us to reach the most optimal combination for the client – you pay only what you really get.

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