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Our team

Eng Lidmila Pašková, chief accountant. She has been with KV KONTO since its beginning and has over 40 years of experience in accounting. Lidmila has a degree from the University of Economics in Prague. Her main area of expertise is accounting andincome tax of physical persons and legal bodies.

email: lidmila.paskova@kvkonto.cz
mobil: +420 604 245 793

Eng Kateřina Pašková, at the moment on maternity leave. From 2001 to 2006 Katerina worked as a manager in logistics, between 2006 and 2009 as a manager of planning and development with focus on cost analysis, financial reporting and budgeting. She has a degree from the University of Economics in Prague, specializing in international trade. Katerina is fluent in English.

email: katerina.paskova@kvkonto.cz
mobil: +420 739 691 807

Eng Jan Pašek, a tax advisor since 2003 (id no. 3776), company statutory representative. In the past Jan worked as a tax consultant and advisor in Deloitte and in one of the largest Czech law offices - Kocián, Šolc, Balaštík (KŠB).In the past he also cooperated with construction companies, he was responsible for their overseas activities (in Libya, Russia, Tunisia, Qatar, Bulgaria). Jan has a degree from the University of Economics in Prague, specializing in finances, taxes and accounting. Jan is fluent in English. His main area of expertise are taxes.

email: jan.pasek@kvkonto.cz
mobil: +420 605 930 830
tel.: +420 359 901 452

Pavel Cimický, company statutory representative. In 2002-2006 he worked as a financial consultant, from 2006 to 2009 as a statutory representative of a Czech-Russian investment company in the Russian federation. Pavel speaks English and Russian.

email: pavel.cimicky@kvkonto.cz
mobil: +420 731 538 204
tel.: +420 359 901 453

skype: pavel.cimicky

Dana Dimová is one of the most senior employees in the company (has been with KV KONTO since 1997). Dana specializes in accounting.

email: dana.dimova@kvkonto.cz
mobil: +420 359 901 456

Hedvika Dvořáková, human resources, payroll and tax evidence (previously single-entry accounting) specialist. Hedvika has been with KV KONTO since 2003.

email: hedvika.dvorakova@kvkonto.cz
mobil: +420 359 901 460

Andrea Vokounova, accountant. She has been with KV KONTO since 2011. Andrea deals with the accounting and payroll.

email: andrea.vokounova@kvkonto.cz
mobil: +420 359 901 459

Marcela Antošová, accountant, deals also with tax evidence (previously single-entry accounting). Marcela has been a member of KV KONTO team since spring 2013.

email: marcela.antosova@kvkonto.cz
mobil: +420 359 901 457

Hana Tomsová, accountant, in KV KONTO since 2014. She specializes in tax evidence, accounting and payroll.

email: hana.tomsova@kvkonto.cz
tel.: +420 359 901 450

Martina Kertészová, office manager. Apart from the administration she deals with payroll and visas issues. Martina speaks Russian.

email: martina.kerteszova@kvkonto.cz
tel.: +420 359 901 451

Eng. Martina Klouzalová, accountant. The youngest member of the team. Martina is a specialist for all sorts of accounting software.

email: martina.klouzalova@kvkonto.cz
tel.: +420 359 901 454

Jana Toufarová, accountant. Jana has been in KV KONTO since 2014.

email: jana.toufarova@kvkonto.cz
tel.: +420 359 901 458

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